SEO tips:keyword selectionSEO tips:keyword selection

Key words are the words that you want to appear in searching results when someone searches for it. It should be closely related to your page subject

Determine which keywords are popular(word search vloume):

There are many tools available to calculate the estimated searching volume for each word. Some of this tools is free the other is paid I prefer to use the great free tool from Google adword:keyword tool . which we will explain here

1-look for this phrase on the page “Results are tailored to English,United States”

If you want to know the searching volumes for English language and united states leave it unchanged else press edit and choose your languages and the countries you want to count for..

2- look for the largest text box in the page and enter as many keywords or phrases as you can that is related to the subject of your pages one per line.(don’t worry Google will add so many suggestions to the words you wrote but giving Google a good start is always useful )

3-Fill the captcha (read the letters from the image and write it in the text box)

4-Then press the “get keyword ideas”

Wait for the moment till the results appear

5-The results appear as a table with the words you selected and also the suggested keywords by Google in the first column.

From the Google Adword keyword tool results table we can know

global search volume for each keyword ,Advertiser Competition:keywords with a higher competition means that there is many advertisers want to advertise on Google search page when someone search on this word which is a very good indicator to see if the word is interesting to advertisers on Google Adsense.

sure if you got time may be you want to know search volumes on yahoo and bing but the result will be nearly the same as that of Google.

6-click on the “add “ text button of any word that have good searching volume .(don’t choose only the keywords with the highest volumes but make a broad selection because we will filtrate many of the words chosen )

7-when you finish click download as text from the right part of the page to save the selected words on your computer.

Determine  keyword competition:

Determine which keywords has the reasonable publishers competition and avoid unnecessary competition.

Let’s imagine that you want to build a website about cars. You counted the search volumes for about 100 keyword and for sure the higher keyword was “cars” that have about 151,000,000 searches per month so you decided to optimize your page for the word “cars”. Great but searching volumes are not the only indicator. Do you imagine how many websites target this word in their Search engine optimization plan? Also many of them are old websites ,with hundreds of pages of good content that is targeted to the word” cars”,large marketing teams and thousands of links from other websites linking to their website . All of these factors which are very important to search engines will make them precede you in the searching result. Probably you will have about 100 monster websites that target the word “cars”. This means that you will be in the 10’s page of searching result. You won’t even get a single visitor from this word because I think nobody reaches even the 5’s page of search results. What you have to do is to target three and four keyword phrases that are related to your content which professionally called long tail keyword Search engine optimization targeting

Long- tail keyword Search engine optimization:

As we mentioned long tail keywords are three and four keyword phrases. As a new website you should target long tail keywords and get away from one or two word keyword phrases. In our case we won’t optimize the page to “cars” word instead we will use something like “buy small red cars” why??

Google and other searching engines tend to give small and new websites a good search rank for long tail keywords may be they want to give us a chance or because simply larger professional web sites ignore these keywords and target a words with higher search volumes. Finally it is a fact that Search engine optimization for long tail words are much easier and less competitive.

Another reason to target long tail phrases that the users who search for long tail keyword is probably more specific in what they need and you can get benefit from him. in our example a man who search for “renting small red car for a long time” probably want to rent this car he knows what he want and he is ready to pay for your service or even click on advertisement links about car rental on your website . On the other hand the user who searches for “cars” is probably just having fun or even drunk.

Avoid keyword unnecessary competition:

You should be specific in your keywords not to put yourself in a competition for a user you don’t care for. Let’s imagine that you have a hotel in a small town called “Monkey Tail”. In your home page you decided to use an attractive phrase like “Come and visit the most beautiful hotel in USA”. as page title Do this and I will guarantee that you won’t get any users form this page title and even if you done all the Search engine optimization magic in your page and get some traffic how many of those users are interested in spending a vacation at “Monkey Tail ”?? . You just wasted your chance to get visitors by getting into a very competitive area and even if you got some users you get zero benefit from them because they are not interested in your service. The right thing is attract only the users you can get benefit from so you have to change your page title to “come and visit the most beautiful hotel at Monkey Tail” .if you want you can add the name of the close towns around you . So you get out of the competitive USA hotels area,get a reasonable traffic and also most of your visitors are interested in your service.


Know you need to know what to do with thw keywords you choosed??

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