SEO tips:Design search engine friendly site navigation.SEO tips:Design search engine friendly site navigation.

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As we mentioned before search engine bot use the links inside your pages to reach the deeper pages of your site. So if you had a page that is not linked from any other page or linked in a way that is not supported by search engine then the bot simply won’t be able to find it and this page won’t be indexed or appear in search result. (Unless you add it to a site map and submit it to Google which we will discuss later)

What types of navigation controls are not supported by search engines??

Flash navigation systems and links:

Most common form of flash objects is the animated banners present every ware on the web. there is also flash menus and flash links .most search engines don’t support links from inside a flash objects and don’t follow them .so if you designed your site to depend only on flash navigation menus and banners only the home page will be indexed and the other pages won’t be found. Solutions in this case other than rebuilds your website,will be adding a sitemap page to your website. This sitemap page should have a list of all your pages but this will need a complicated script in dynamic websites that change its content every day.

JavaScript links and other client side script generated links:

Some times developers need to generate the links on the page dynamically using some sort of browser side programming scripts. This links is not supported and not followed by search engines

How to identify JavaScript links:

On your page html you won’t find normal tag but you will see something like

Or simply you can hover over the link on your browser if you find a url like on the lower left corner of your browser window it’s ok but if you find some wear characters you don’t understand it may be a JavaScript link.

Paging system of some data bound controls are not search engine frindly also:

Data bound controls are those parts of the page that contain a list or table of data rows. When you present a large amount of data rows in your page you see only the first set of rows 10 or even 50 to navigate to the rest of result the data control gives you a set of links with the numbers of pages available and next and previous buttons in the buttom of the table or list.

Some times (like default gridview control of websites) these links is generated as JavaScript links which is not followed by search engines and you need to find a repair for this problem. If you are an developer you can read more details in fixing this problem in my next articles Search engine optimization


Example of paging system

Navigation control that is supported by search engine:

Only normal simple tag links are followed by search engines.


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Fixing Search engine links problems without remaking my whole website:

The answer is simple in this case you have to make any form of supported site map that contains a list of links to your website pages especially those with no supported links from any other pages. There is so many way to generate site maps for your site that is behind the scope of these articles then you have to submit this site map to all the major search engines so they can index the pages on this sitemap. Soon I will prepare an article about sitemap generating and submission.

if you are an ASP.NET developer you can read this series also


DR Ahmed Galal

Egyptian ASP.NET developer

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