Wordpress blog reviewWordPress blog review

I have a big problem writing this post. I have to be objective in my review but this can be really hard with a great script like wordpress. I am a professional web developer so i appreciated the good software and i have to say after complete trial form more than 1 month that wordpress is one of the best open source projects available . Some times a i wish if i was a php developer to participate in this great project( i am an asp.net developer that is the natural competitor for php  ).

here is a list of things that i like about wordpress:


1-Extremely easy setup and usage :

It takes only 10 minutes to see your blog working and another two days to learn how to do every thing.

The new plugin( plugin is a piece of code to extend the software to perform a function that wasn’t available pefore ) install  system is really the best in market you just have to choose the plugin you want from your control panel click install and activate and then it is working.

This may looks normal for the inexperienced but we have to say that the process is much more complicated in most of the open source content management systems available you usually has to download the plugin then upload it to the server even sometimes adjust some of the php code (which you have to re edit every  upgrade) with many problems that may arise after installation . the process in wordpress is like a breath few clicks with no upload,download or code adjustments.

2-Great search engine optimization:

our lovely blog  come out of the box with an above average seo but by adding few tactic plugins in a minute it just has a perfect search engine optimization. also the default theme has some aspects that need to be adjusted for seo but now there is many available free themes with perfect seo adjustments and again the theme setup is really easy. all you have to do is searching for seo friendly themes and you will find a ton (the theme i use here is so great it called “atahualba”) . you can control titles,also generate sitemaps dynamically. Header tags,description also the url forms to use simply nothing is missed here with just good theme and “all in one seo” plugin  which can be installed in two minutes.

3-performance: great performance i tried my website even from the slowest connection speed on earth an it just fine.

4- Extendibility  &customization:

Plugins to make almost every thing you can think of. really more than you imagined.Tasks like seo,sitemap generation,internal links,related posts,e-commerce ,traffic reporting,adding adsense,adding google analytics and even geo maps this tasks is fully automated and really easy especially if we considered the extremely easy plugin install. All of this features can be added without any knowledge in developing.

5-Easy auto pinging:

The script automatically call all the important search engines and inform them that you posted something fresh all you have to is to add a list of the urls of the search engines you want to ping and you are done.


wp is extremely popular these days you will find hundreds of themes to cover all your hopes but i have to say that before you choose a theme to use check for it’s function first before appearance as there is many themes that is extremely pretty but has a bad seo or a design that push your visitors away from advertisement links   these themes have to be avoided.


unfortunately wp is not a complete content management system it is just a blog if you wish to add more functionalities or develop a full website may be you will have to use a larger cms like dotnetnuke or drupal or joomla. There is an ability to add pages to wordpress but sure it is not enough as full cms.

I tried about 3 different blog systems but i really didn’t realized  that this level of perfection can be available for free

And again i am jealous from you  php guys i wish i see something similar in asp.net.

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