Money blogging tips for beginnersMoney blogging tips for beginners

Many of my friends asking all the time,can you make money from blogging?? the answer is yes if you taking revenue in consideration from the beginning you can easily get some more money or even in some rear cases you can get rich from blogging. But sure you have to stop unreal dreams you have to know if you are very lucky and you are writing in a very [...]

Wordpress blog reviewWordPress blog review

I have a big problem writing this post. I have to be objective in my review but this can be really hard with a great script like wordpress. I am a professional web developer so i appreciated the good software and i have to say after complete trial form more than 1 month that wordpress is one of the best open source projects available . Some times a i wish [...]

website traffic,ctr,adsense earnings november 2009website traffic,ctr,adsense earnings november 2009

hello every body,

i started this post to check what is wrong with websites this month. I am Managing about 3 websites and i got a terrible month start. all of the websites have a very poor traffic about 40% less than the average. also the click through rate is very very bad this month as if visitors just refuse to click on any thing almost no ad sense earnings.

Am i doing [...] Single &multible files Single &multible files delete

Article about file deleting from the server in &vb the article explaining two scenarios one for deleting single file and the other for deleting multiple files that are belong to the same category,the code explained clearly to be understood to the absolute beginner. [...]

Generating search engine optimized page title and meta tags in Generating search engine optimized page title and meta tags in

The importance of search engine optimized page title and meta tags:May be you will need to read about seo in general from here before you start

As a developer it is very important  when you start to build a web site to make it search engine friendly as possible to get the maximum number of free traffic. One of the most important requirement for any webpage to be [...]

aspx files,pages or you mean programming??

What is aspx ?? aspx file extension:

aspx is the file extension of the dynamic web pages created by a Microsoft technology called Dynamic web page mean that the final page that will be  sent to the  user browser will be generated from a programming code that will customize the page each time it called using some logic . For example the site developer can change and customize the page according to the [...]

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ASP.NET ajax modal popup

popup windows usage is one of the every day tasks for any web developer. The problem of the normal html simple popups that it is usually blocked by the browser of the client also it is not attractive specially if you are developing a web site that need to be very attractive. So in such cases you will need ajax popup instead.

I searched the web allot in the end i can [...] image upload,resize and save.

Every day users upload millions of images to web sites allover the world. So image uploading is an every day task for any ASP.NET developer. Handling uploaded images is an easy task which we will discuss in this article. We will follow my sweet philosophy in programming which is trying to minimize the code writing as possible and try to do every thing in the declarative easy way and the result code [...] search engine optimization -part1:Introduction

You will need first to read some basic SEO overview form here

Making a searching engines friendly website is a must for any developer who want to make a professional money making website .searching engines if treated properly and put in mind through the phases of website creation can drive huge,free and continuous traffic to your website (some studies say “ about 70% of internet traffic is delivered [...]

SEO tips:Design search engine friendly site navigation.SEO tips:Design search engine friendly site navigation.

Note:May be you will need to read the prievious articles:

SEO tips:keyword selection


As we mentioned before search engine bot use the links inside your pages to reach the deeper pages of your site. So if you had a page that is not linked from any other page or linked in a way that is not supported by search engine then the bot simply [...]


Note:May be you will need to read the prievious articles:

SEO tips:keyword selection

Present keywords in strategic places on your page –keyword prominence

before we start the more technical aspects of Search engine optimization lets take an overview how searching engines see your website .when you submit your web site to one of the search engines after a while they send their Bot(a special software designed to [...]

SEO tips:keyword selectionSEO tips:keyword selection

Key words are the words that you want to appear in searching results when someone searches for it. It should be closely related to your page subject

Determine which keywords are popular(word search vloume):

There are many tools available to calculate the estimated searching volume for each word. Some of this tools is free the other is paid I prefer to use the great free tool from Google adword:keyword [...]